Need ideas for gifts for Dad? All dads, the length and breadth of the UK, have stories to tell about both terrific and terrible gifts.  Some made them laugh, some made them cringe. But we bet your dad always told you each and every one was fantastic. That’s dads for you. Here are some corkers from a fess-up in the office.

Some of you probably have golf mad fathers.  Someone in the office bought a cartoon like figure of a golfer for their dad as a gift. It was a statue of sorts. The daughter reasoned dad liked golf, he’d love the figure which was bought at a craft market. Wrong! The figure was too ugly to display, and spend a few years as a door stop before being discretely disposed of!

Someone else in the office has a habit of buying their dad gismos. The reason? Dad has everything he could possibly need and is a person of simple tastes. This dad has quite a collection of digital cameras, an iPod, and iPhone and now an iPad. And truthfully the only one in regular use is the camera.

Next up a son. He’s long given up buying sweaters and socks for his dad. Instead it’s usually tickets for a show. The only problem with this is that there isn’t always something on worth seeing. So this dad gets his birthday gift at odd times of the year. And you guessed it, the son always goes too.

Of course what makes a memorable gift depends on the person. But have you noticed most parents place a lot of store in ‘thoughtfulness’. Dads don’t much care if you spend £20 or £200. Well actually they might, they usually say they don’t want you wasting your money on buying them gifts!

So sometimes it may feel you can’t win.  You try a big surprise but you’re accused of spending money you don’t have. So, what are the best gifts for dad that will score high points for thoughtfulness, but won’t break the bank?

Check out our 3D photo crystals. None will break the bank.  But they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any dad.  All you have to do is pick a treasured photo. It could be a photo of you, a grandchild or your parents. Our digital technology and artists are able to turn photos into 3D and etch them into a crystal.  See photos as you’ve never seen them before and solve the gifts for dad problem at a stroke! Genius.