We are getting closer to Mothers’ Day. Have you decided on your perfect gift? Flowers, chocolate and perfume are Mother’s Day staples. But there are fantastic alternatives. After all, Mums appreciate thoughtful surprises. For this reason, personalised gifts work really well.

InCrystals has a wide range of personalised crystal gifts that are perfect for Mothers’ Day or just about any occasion where you want to give a high quality personalised present.

Rather than hide away treasured photos in shoeboxes and the like why not display them so they can be enjoyed every day?

Our 3D crystals turn one photo or a group of photos into a 3D crystal. Advances in technology mean a 2D photo can be turned into 3D and embedded in crystal. These are beautiful, solid works of art; perfect for placing on desks or mantelpieces. A range of sizes and shapes are available and some incorporate a light stand. Or if you prefer something smaller why not choose a 3D crystal key ring? Placing a photo of a loved one in a key ring means they will always be with you.

Even old photos can be given the crystal treatment, and we do our best to restore older photos as part of the process. However not all our customers choose to use photographs from the distant past. Recent family events, whether new additions, engagements or weddings mean there is often a treasure trove of new photos just waiting to be tapped into!

Another option is to pick a crystal photo frame. With our beautiful frames your photo is laser etched inside the crystal frame. Some frames incorporate LED lighting to enhance the image. Our crystal photo frames are a notch above traditional frames. They look good in any setting and let the photo speak for itself.

Photo crystals are another option. They use the same technology as our crystal frames and can be incorporated into a range of gifts of varying sizes.  Small photo crystals include various key rings, and paperweights. With various sizes and shapes to suit all budgets it’s not every Mother’s Day gift that lasts forever. Ours do.

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