Unique is a word that’s very over used when it comes to St Valentine’s Day gifts.  But how about a St Valentine’s Day gift that’s as unique as you are? Confused? Don’t be. Photo gifts make perfect St Valentine’s Day presents for loved ones and family members. And the photos don’t have to be current ones. These days everyone is raking through old collections of photos and slides and digitising them.  Even if you’ve not caught up with technology yet, you can still turn old photos into unique gifts for St Valentine’s Day or any other occasion you care to mention.

But the question then becomes what do you do with them?

Photos, whether already digitised or not can be turned into 3D Crystals. Your photo ends up inside a solid lump of crystal – perfectly preserved and displayed in 3D. That’s right. One of our digital artists will turn your image into a 3D one!

3D Crystals are available in a range of formats to suit your budget – from £19.19. Choices include a bevelled crystal with light effects to a smaller 3D key ring photo crystal. Also don’t worry too much about whether your photographs are in perfect condition because old photos, where possible, can be restored as part of the process. St Valentine’s Day lets you be creative if you are so inclined. Digging out those old photos of your wife or husband as a baby or of a pet are all options. Prices quoted on our site for 3 D crystals are inclusive of turning a facial image into a 3D head.

But crystal can also be more portable. Laser photo crystals are also available in a range of sizes. Small crystals start from just £7.00 for a heart-shaped key ring without a light. There’s something very romantic about carrying a photo of a loved one everywhere you go. Don’t you agree?

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