A Family enjoying a lovely Spring Day out

British Summer Time (BST) has finally arrived, and as the clocked leapt forward last weekend it is now time for longer days, more light and plenty of blooming buds across the UK. The spring is a lovely time to take photos of your children, pets and loved one, pictures that can be transformed into stunning engraved crystal gifts perfect for upcoming birthdays.

If you are planning to engage in a fun springtime photo shoot, here are some great ideas that will transform your family pics from amateur to out of this world!

1. Include some fresh flowers You only need to step outdoors to see the magical transformation taking place in the grass, gardens and trees – flowers are blooming everywhere. These natural stunners will provide the perfect backdrop for your photos. Consider positioning your new baby amongst some daffodils in the park, or catch your dog playing amidst the blooms in your garden; the colours will dazzle and convey the perfect spring freshness. Here is a great list of floral photography tips!

Spring Time Photography

2. A rainy day is not a throwaway – Though we might all prefer sun, it is the rainy days of April and May that will sustain the natural beauty of the great outdoors through the heat of summer. A rainy day can be the perfect time to dress your family in wellies, raincoats and big colourful umbrellas – the contrast of their bright clothing against the grey of the skies will provide a gorgeous pop and look great as a 3D crystal.

3. Baby animals are afoot – Springtime also means that animals and birds are all giving birth, and adorable calves, foals, kids and piglets are all over the UK. Including some baby animals in your family photoshoot will add interest, fun and make for a great day out for your kids. Don’t live in the country? Not a problem – city farms all over the UK’s urban areas are the perfect place for an impromptu family shoot.

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