The perfect gift for any Star Wars lover.

We are all familiar with the famous Star Wars Jedi quote, “May the force be with you.” This iconic phrase has since come to be a friendly way to say farewell to friends, and is popular in pop culture – and of course, with huge Star Wars fans.

In the past few years, super fans have noticed that May 4th has special significance – as in, “May the Fourth Be With You.” Heralded as “Star Wars Day,” people dress up and attend events all across the globe to honour the creations of George Lucas.

As International Star Wars Day approaches, it is the perfect time to start considering a gift for the biggest SW fans in your life. Thankfully, Incrystals has a great idea for a May 4th gift – have your favourite character, logo or saying embedded into a stunning crystal. We can turn any photo into a 3D crystal – these are such a unique and exciting way to impress any Star Wars lover.

Simply choose your design, the size and shape that you want and get in touch – we will do the rest and send it to you in time for May the Fourth.

May the Force Be With You – and your crystal gifts!

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