These days most pet owners think of their pets as family. And anyone who has lost a much loved pet will tell you, candidly, they feel the loss just as if it were a person. Our 3D pet memorial photo crystals make a moving and lasting tribute. Of course, they work equally well as a way of simply showing off your favourite pet photos.

So what is a 3D pet memorial photo? We have made it our business to find innovative ways of turning photos into lasting photo crystals. We use the latest technology to laser etch photos in 2D or even 3D.  A 3D photo takes an ordinary photo and with the help of technology and our talented artists turns it into a lifelike 3D representation of your pet embedded in crystal.

Pet lovers usually admit to having hundreds of photos of cherished pets, but these are easily lost, especially if you keep yours on a computer.  Even all-time favourite photos get lost or damaged. Commissioning a 3D pet photo crystal creates a lasting keepsake.

We think you’ll be impressed with just how lifelike our 3D pet photo crystals are. This makes them perfect gifts – in celebration or in tribute for family and friends. And of course there is no reason why you can’t buy them for yourself.

We use our best-selling size of crystal – 50mm x 50mm x 80mm. Each 3D pet memorial crystal is priced at £40. This is inclusive of 3D photo conversion for 1 pet, and the option to include a message or title which is engraved on the crystal.  It’s also possible to buy an LED base to compliment the crystal – the light really brings the photo to life. We can work with digital and hard copy photos and can supply advice on photo quality.

To date we’re created pet photo crystals for everything from budgies to Shetland ponies to show cats. Feedback suggests customers are thrilled by how realistic the results are.