Archiving Your Photos

Has this ever happened to you? You go to snap a once in a lifetime photo and your phone tells you. “Cannot take photo. Insufficient storage space.” Usually the culprit is too many photos as many of us use our mobiles as our primary camera. Rather than using your mobile as a photo album learn how to archive your photos. You’ll free up space on your phone and have your memories handy in a safe accessible place.

First do a thorough cull of your photos. We all have random photos of screenshots and naff selfies taking up space in the recesses of our mobiles. This step will take some time but once you pare your collection down it will be much easier and inexpensive to store in the long run.

Next consider investing in a third-party cloud service, like the free Google Drive or Apple iCloud This is a quick and easy method to use and can be set up so that your phone will automatically upload new photos directly to storage. It saves space and time!

Once you’ve trimmed your collection down to the very best photos and ensured they are accessible and safe in an archive, it’s time to select your favourite memories for display. Services like Photobox will make prints of your photos or you can have your photos turned into a 3D crystal. These beautiful crystal gifts are perfect for displaying your most memorable photos.

3D crystals - how do they work?
3D crystals – how do they work?

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