Baby scan photo gifts make a wonderful surprise gift for a parent to be or even grandparents. When a customer recently allowed us share his baby scan crystal on our Facebook page it caused quite a stir! In short order we had more than 1000 ‘likes’ and we’re still counting! We can’t take any credit for the idea, but it’s certainly fired people’s imagination.

Now it’s worth saying that when it comes to creating your own photo gift from your baby’s scan you can choose any crystal you like but we recommend a landscape style because this is typically the shape of the original scan.  baby scan photo giftsOur pioneering customer chose our Tapered Photo Crystal – Landscape which costs just £19.99 and measures 80mm x 60mm x 25mm. This crystal is wedged shaped being thicker at the bottom than the top. It’s very elegant. The price includes digitising the photo of the scan and engraving a brief text message on the crystal.  Our customer chose the message “Love You Mummy”. Oh, and postage is included in the price too.

However you’re not restricted to that design – there are plenty of other landscape designs since it’s a popular choice.

For example, another medium sized photo crystal is the Glass Photo Crystal. It measures 80mm x 40mm x 15mm and has an integral base built in. It costs £39.99, and again there are no other costs to pay.

We also have larger landscape crystals. The Laser Photo Frame (Large) – Landscape is a larger version of the tapered crystal mentioned above. It measures 150 mm x 100 x 30 mm so is substantially bigger and will show off more detail if your photo is good quality. It costs £59.99. We also have a special offer on our Large Crystal Photo frame – Slimline. What makes this crystal special is that you can buy a stand for it which illuminates the crystal to dramatic effect. This is currently reduced from £45.99 to £41.39.

The original customer took a good quality photo of one of the original scans which had been printed out.  You have the option of re-scanning it or taking a photo as he did if you have a reasonable camera. In either case just upload your image when you order.

Whatever crystal you choose we don’t think you’ll find a more original gift for expectant families!