Perfect Photo Crystal for Back To School Memories

While the first day of schools is both exciting and busy, it is always important to remember that these glorious days when the kids are small will not last forever – for parents and grandparents, these moments will be gone in the blink of an eye and the children will be grown seemingly overnight.

Taking photos on the first day of each school year is a time honoured and beloved annual tradition in many homes, and these photos become a meaningful piece in a family’s collected mementos. If you are thinking about starting this annual tradition, here are a few tips to ensure that your photos turn out perfectly and have consistency over time.

Back To School

  • Take the photos in the same place each year – If you live in the same home throughout your child’s life, a photo in front of the same backdrop each year will provide a sense of consistency and tradition over the years.
  • Showcase new school uniforms and supplies – Take the photo of your little scholar all kitted out in their new school uniform each year, fully equipped with their rucksack, shoes and other favourite school supplies.
  • Include a sign – A hand written sign (created by mum or dad, or perhaps even by the children themselves) is always a good inclusion, as it will provide the necessary information in a quaint and homey way. Include the child’s name, name of the school, school year and perhaps even this year’s teacher’s name. Other fun things to add can include: wants to be ____ when he/ she gets older; favourite colour/ food/ activity; nicknames; and best friends/ playmates.
  • Take close ups of certain elements – Try zooming in on a few elements from the day – a pair of high top sneakers, brightly coloured pencils, a rucksack bursting with supplies and other interesting materials associated with school and the classroom.

These photos are an adorable way to commemorate each school year, and they can also be excellent gifts for grandparents, god parents, aunts and uncles. Consider framing a collage of annual school photos or turning one into a 3D Photo Crystal or keychain – perfect for the adults in your child’s life.

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