A great wedding gift is harder to find these days.  It’s not just that fewer couples provide a list. But more people seem to be well set up long before they take the plunge. So what makes a stand out wedding present?

Obviously it’s something that’ll be appreciated; preferably personal in some way. Crystal FramesIf you don’t know the bride and groom well your job is even harder. But we have something in mind that makes a thoughtful wedding gift for all ages and tastes: a crystal frame with laser photo.

You may be unfamiliar with our crystals or laser photos for that matter so let us explain.

A laser photo is essentially an engraving usually in 2D, but we do 3D ones too. We use technology to laser etch your photos into beautiful crystal objects.

In this case, the crystal in question is a large crystal photo frame. The design is slim line and very chic. What’s extra special about this particular deluxe size frame is it incorporates a super bright LED base. This allows the photo, inside the crystal, to really stand out in a very life like way.

Most people think a great wedding gift is long lasting. Our large crystal frame with laser photo is just that. It keeps precious memories alive. But don’t just take our word for it, search the web and you’ll find our customers love the quality of our crystal gifts.

Giving a laser etched crystal photo frame means you won’t have to worry about duplication of gifts or what someone’s property looks like inside. These crystal frames look great in modern and traditional homes.

Right now we have a special offer on too. We’re offering these long lasting crystal photo frame gifts at 10% off, now just £47.69 down from £52.99. The discounted price also includes your choice of text heading or message to be incorporated into the design.