Different Types of Picture Mugs

If you’re considering buying a picture mug for a family member or friend, the chances are you’ve considered a lot of different ways of doing it. Now, we take so many photos of special events and holidays that there’s no shortage of images to choose from when it comes to designing a picture mug. At Incrystals our customers approach designing a picture mug in different ways; some choose to go down the comedy route whereas others choose a beautiful family photo.

Which Photo To Choose For A Mug?

There are lots of different photos you can choose for a mug. As long as it is personal and memorable to the recipient, it is sure to be well received. To give you some inspiration we have compiled a list of the most popular photos chosen:

  • Photos of a favourite family holiday.
  • Wedding and anniversary photos.
  • Photos of children or grandchildren.
  • Photos of pets.

To find out more about the picture mugs we have here at Incrystals, take a look at our range. All our picture mugs can be customised with a photo or text to meet your requirements. If you have any questions to need more information, get in touch. Contact us today on 0844 8849 9679.

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