Get outside – and get                             snapping!

As the warm summer months begin to fade into fall and the little ones get ready to head back to class, the season of falling leaves, warm cups of tea and crisp evenings full of mischief is upon us. If you’ve been snapping photos in the bright sun all summer long, shifting your technique to accommodate the changing light and subject matter is key to taking beautiful pictures. Here are our top tips to ensure that your autumnal photos are simply stunning.

  • Get outside – The fall can be one of the most beautiful seasons, with landscapes covered in a rainbow of colours: ochre, rust, olive and sepia. Get outside and go the distance – up the sides of tall hills, down into the woods and traversing harvest fields in order to truly capture the bounty of autumn colour.
  • Don’t procrastinate – The blanket of fall leaves covering the ground will only last for a few weeks – or even days. Make sure you head outside as soon as you see these gorgeous colours, otherwise it may be too late.
Stunning afternoon Autumn
  • Seize the afternoon light – The vibrant pure light of a clear autumn afternoon is unlike any other, and so if you want to capture the delight on a child’s face or the bliss of a newly engaged couple, the afternoon is the time to take photos.
  • The forest is a wonderland – For a world of contrasts, amazing colours and dramatically different textures, the forest is a photographer’s dream.

For more technical tips on settings and lens to use in the fall, this article over at Wanderlust is a comprehensive guide that will be useful for all photographers, both amateur and professional. We here at InCrystals love the fall, and know that your autumn pictures will make perfect photo crystals – we look forward to seeing the results!

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