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Buying gifts for loved ones can be a challenge, but if you have a movie lover in your life this Christmas rest assured – you have many options for delights to place under the tree.

Here are some of our favourite gifts for cinephiles (and pop culture lovers of all kinds) for Christmas 2015.

  • An annual membership to Sundance DocClub – Sundance Doc Club is a fantastic on-demand streaming service that shows a finely curated selection of the world’s best documentaries. With annual memberships costing less than 30 pounds, this is a brilliant idea for a dedicated doc lover.
  • A selection of Criterion Collection DVDs – Known as the gold standard when it comes to releasing deluxe, ultra high quality DVD editions of the most treasured films of all time, Criterion Collection DVDs are packed with extra bells and whistles, bespoke artwork and loads of features. These are a lovely addition to any film buff’s home library.
  • A personalised photo gift etched with your loved ones’ favourite film – A perfect, fully customised gift for any film lover? Incrystals allows you to etch a precise photograph or still film image onto many different surfaces, such as Zippo lighters, iPhone cases and clocks. Choose your loved ones’ favourite actor, film poster or movie scene and create something special.
  • Cinema tickets or membership to the BFI – You can never go wrong with a cinema voucher or a yearly membership to the British Film Institute.
  • Film themed Christmas Jumpers – Finally, if you really want to say, “Merry Christmas” to a movie lover, buy them a Christmas jumper that features their favourite film. With a focus on guilty pleasures and ’80s classics, these jumpers are an excellent gift for the person who has everything (the Die Hard one is a personal fave).
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