As the holiday season gets into full swing, it’s time to start compiling a list of the Christmas gifts that you’ll need to buy this year. Parents, children, friends and spouses – while these can be challenging presents to choose, you can rest assured that you know the individual well enough to select a great item that they will cherish.

But what about buying for people you hardly know? This is the difficult chore that parents find themselves in each year when it comes time to select a Christmas gift for their child’s teacher. While this person spends day in and day out with your wee one, you probably don’t know them all that well on a personal level – and this can make present buying a nightmare.

Don’t fret – here are five great ideas that will set your gift apart from the myriad boxes of chocolate that your kids’ teachers are sure to receive.

  1. A Spa Voucher – What better way to say, “thank you for educating my rambunctious little one,” than a voucher for a luxurious spa treatment. Perfect for a male or female teacher, consider a massage voucher – you can often find these for special rates on websites such as Groupon and Wahanda.
  2. A good Bottle of Wine or gourmet biscuits – A great bottle of wine can be a lovely gift for any occasion, but you might want to consult with the school to make sure that this would be appropriate. Delicious biscuits are always a good failsafe!
  3. A Photo Crystal of this year’s class photo – Primary school teachers form deep bonds with their classes year on year, and a 3D Photo Crystal featuring an engraving of the class photo can be the perfect gift to help them remember your child and their classmates for many years to come.
  4. A Personalised Book Bag – Simple and adorable, these personalised book bags are affordable and practical – sure to make any teacher smile.
  5. A nice dinner out – A gift card for a mid priced restaurant is sure to make any teacher grin from ear to ear when they realise they don’t need to cook dinner on an especially hectic day!

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