closeup hand using phone taking landscape photo

If you are on a casual day out or going about your daily routine, you likely do not have a dedicated camera with you. When the moment strikes and a brilliant photo opportunity arises, you probably reach for your smartphone in order to snap the picture. While camera phones had dubious quality (at best) a decade ago, the latest iPhone boasts 12 megapixels, rivalling the best point and shoot camera models.

If you plan to use your iPhone for your Incrystals crystal gifts, here are some top tips that will help you to take fantastic photos.

  • Utilise third party apps – Apps such as Facetune, Photoshop and/ or those that offer you manual camera options can all help you to take better photos in the first place, and then edit them afterwards.
  • Remember that framing is important – Just as with a regular camera, you should always take a moment or two to assess your subject and make sure that it is framed correctly, Remember the rule of thirds (a technique that allows you to align your subject matter in an attractive and linear way), and ensure that the top of your subject does not get cut off.
  • Use your finger to focus the camera – When taking close up shots, you should use your finger to tap the subject. This alerts your iPhone camera to the fact that it should focus on this object or person, and not the other things nearby in the frame. This will give you a nice, clear shot that will be perfect for a 3D photo crystal gift.

Happy shooting!

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