Sandbox toys at the beach under blue sky

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing beach holiday or an action packed trip to an exciting destination you’ll want to preserve those once in a lifetime memories. Here’s how you can get the most out of your summer holiday this year:

Take time to plan. For many people, half the pleasure of travel lies in anticipation. If this sounds like you, give yourself lots of time to research and prepare for your trip. Make use of libraries and websites to really investigate your destination. You’ll feel like you’re on holiday for weeks before you’ve even packed your bags.

Keep a record. Busy holidays can feel like work especially when you rush from one activity to the next. Make sure you take time to slow down and preserve some of those exciting moments and beautiful landscapes. Recording your thoughts in a journal and taking photos will help you recall parts of your trip that you might have otherwise forgotten.

Share the memories. Even though your vacation may only last a week or so, you can extend that holiday feeling by sharing your adventure with friends and family. You can make an event of it with a slide show or have one of your holiday photos made into a 3D photo crystal. These attractive etched crystal gifts can be displayed on your mantle at home or on your office desk. A beautiful daily reminder of your holidays!

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