When it comes to personalising a gift, many people find themselves stuck. The idea of gifting something completely unique and personal to them is a great one, but how do you create a gift that’s personalised in all the right ways?

Tips for Personalising a Gift

There are a lot of different gifts available at Incrystals, most of which can be personalised in one way or another. Here are some of our top tips for personalising a gift:

  • Ensure the item itself is something the recipient would want, regardless of how it has been personalised. Gifting someone something they won’t like or want can be a waste. It’s much better to opt for something they will appreciate and use.
  • Keep the personalisation personal between you and them. For example, choose a photograph of you both or reference a private joke. Not only will this make the gift memorable, but it makes it extra special.
  • If you’re personalising a gift, use a high quality image. Those that are low quality or blurred do not look as good on the finished product.
  • Personalised gifts can take a little extra time to make, so ensure you have time to spare. Ordering a few weeks in advance will ensure the item will arrive in enough time.

For more information on personalising gifts, get in touch! The team at Incrystals are always happy to help.

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