Our cats, dogs, snakes, ferrets and fish occupy a special space in our hearts – some people claim that they love their pets more than they love their human friends! Our pets are so important to us that we spend a lot of our time taking photos of them, and some people’s social media profiles are simply filled to the brim with images of their furry friends.

Taking photos of our pets seems like an easy thing to do, but capturing the spirit and essence of your beloved cat or dog can be harder than you think. A cuddly pal can all too easily turn into a blurry ball of fur when caught on camera. In order to help you take the best photos possible of your animal, here are some top tips from the experts.

  1. Head toward the light! Make sure that you take photos of your pet while saturated in natural light. In order to avoid the ‘blow out’ of back lighting, stand or crouch with your back to the windows (or sun, if you are outdoors). This natural lighting will highlight the fine details of your pet’s face that can often be made blurry in low lit settings.
  2. Avoid using the flash. Using the flash on your camera might scare your pet, and it is sure to give them the dreaded red eye. Fluffy is sure to look terrifying if his eyes are glowing balls of fire!
  3. Patience will be rewarded. Trying to rush a pet photography session will lead to disappointing images – it is best to chill out, relax and spend some quality time with your pet while you just happen to have your camera at the ready.
  4. Use your Macro setting. You don’t need to have a fancy, professional photography set up in order to utilise the different settings on your camera. The macro setting allows you to zoom in and take photos that include fine details that normally get blurred out. This can be perfect to capture the whiskers on your cat’s face or the expressive brows above your dog’s eyes.https://static.pexels.com/photos/1173/animal-dog-pet-cute.jpg
  5. Catch them doing what they love. You love your pet for their personality, and so you should always honour their quirks, kindness and silliness in any photo you take! The more humour, the better.

Of course, if all of this sees a bit too overwhelming you can always turn to a professional pet photographer. Once your photos are perfect, preserve them in a unique and interesting way – scrapbooks, canvas printing or a beautiful 3D Photo Crystal.

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