It’s A Doggone World!

The bond between a dog and its owner is unlike any other – dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason! Dog lovers often want a memento that reminds them of their canine friend while they are apart or to bring a smile to their face after Fido passes.

If you have someone in your life who loves their dog above all else (or if you yourself are the ultimate canine lover), the perfect gift is one that includes an image of their favourite furry pal. There are loads of options out there that are unique, special and endearing and a lot more creative than simply ironing a decal on a tee shirt! Here is a list of lovely gift ideas for any dog lover in your life.

1. Stunning and Lifelike – A 3D Photo Crystal
Advances in digitised photo technology have paved the way for amazing personalised gifts never before possible. One of the most beautiful and meaningful options out there are 3D Photo Crystals printed with photo real images of loved ones, friends, family – and of course, dogs! Available in loads of shapes and sizes (and even on a keychain) you can choose your best doggy photo and have it etched into glass. The result is a timeless, stunning memento that looks amazing on a desk, shelf or mantelpiece and regularly reminds the recipient of their canine companion for years to come.
            Unique Personalised 3D Photo                          Crystal Pet Gift

2. Bringing them back to life – A 3D model of your dog
Companies are popping up online that allow you to turn your dog’s picture into a fully detailed 3D model in many sizes, perfect for bringing your pet back to life after they pass away. From a small model that can sit on a desk to a full sized, life like replica, this gift is ideal for any dog lover.

3. Keep them close to your heart – a personalised photo crystal necklace
An engraved photo pendant can be a beautiful and touching way to remember a favourite dog, whether they are still with us or passed away. By digitally etching a realistic photo of your dog onto a heart shaped, oval or square pendant and affixing it to a gold chain or other necklace, you can create an elegant and meaningful gift for any dog lover.

4. Make a special cup of tea – a photo mug
Having a photo of your friend with their beloved dog (or their dog alone) printed onto a coffee mug or travel thermos is a sweet and interesting way to give them a gift they won’t forget. Most photo developers, larger chemists and camera shops can easily do this transfer in a few hours or overnight.

These are just four of the fantastic gifts you can create for your dog loving friends – do you have any other great ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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