What family or circle of friends doesn’t include several iPhone affectionados?  These days the world  seems to be divided into iPhone users and the rest.  And while other smart phones are giving iPhones a run for their money, it seems to be that once you try Apple products there is no going back.

But here’s the problem. Apple products don’t come cheap. That causes a problem when you have to buy a Christmas or birthday or anniversary gift. What do you buy if you don’t want to spend the earth but want to show an iPhone user you care?

We have the answer: Our personalised iPhone case for the iPhone 4, or 4S. Not only will it protect an iPhone when it’s in a bag, pocket or car but because it can be personalised people will love showing it off.

The case is available in Black. But what really sets it apart is our superior quality case also incorporates an engravable panel. The only problem is then deciding what photo use.

If you’re already an Incrystals customer you’ll know the detail in our photo engravings is second to none. We apply the same eye for detail to our engravings no matter how large or small. Our personalised iPhone case is no exception.

We think the case makes a perfect gift for any iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S user. Whether they are celebrating a birthday, new arrival or Christmas, nothing says you care more than a personalised gift. Our case sets off the iPhone 4 and 4S perfectly. The hard part is sifting through all your photos to find one that marks the occasion perfectly. It’s a hard decision but we know our customers are often very imaginative.  Some chose to use a photo of a much loved pet, others will use a baby photo for a 40th birthday.

Our personalised iPhone case is just £12.99, including the cost of your photo engraving. It’s a steal at the price. And to make life as easy as possible you can upload your photo when you order.