Pet lovers can be difficult to buy presents for can’t they?  Perhaps a friend is tickled pink with her new puppy? Or a relative has just lost their cat of 19 years?  Well worry no more about finding the right gift. We think we have the perfect present to mark a celebration or memorial or as a surprise.

Our pet photo crystal keyring is a classic gift for anyone looking for a tasteful pet themed gift. We know there are vast numbers of kitsch pet themed gifts. But what if you want something personalised? Or long lasting? Or classically styled?

That’s where our key ring for animal lovers comes in. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone who is mad about a maine coon or a mynah bird or a special mongrel our pet photo key ring delights pet owners.

The secret?  Our key ring enables you to create a personalised gift for a pet lover. Pet Photo Keyring Each gift is unique because it’s based on a special photo of a pet. We turn the photo into a 3D image etched inside a piece of crystal.  That’s right. We turn 2D photos into 3D images using advanced laser technology and the skill of our artists. Not only are the results incredibly true to life but the key ring itself is a high quality gift.  This is definitely a gift to remember.

Have you ever known a pet owner with too many photos of their pet? Exactly. But these days sadly digital photos come and go. Our pet photo crystal key ring is an opportunity to turn a photo onto into a memorable, sturdy gift that will outlast the original photo. Delight your pet-owning friends and relatives with their favourite photo etched into crystal. And what could be more practical than a key ring?

Each key ring costs just £15.99. The price covers 3D conversion of a photo of one pet, your choice of message engraved and even delivery. What’s not to love?  Upload your choice of photo and message directly to our website for hassle free ordering.