Pet photo gifts make unusual and thoughtful presents for the pet lovers in your life.  Have you noticed pet owners love taking photos of their pets? Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, you name it. A casual browse on Face Book reinforces the fact people love sharing their pet photos.

But when it comes to actually displaying pet photos, too many sit on computer hard drives. Which is a shame. All it takes is a computer crash or power surge and the photos are lost forever.  One of the biggest regrets pet owners can have is to lose a pet, then realise they no longer have the photos they though they did.

But you can turn these photos into long lasting, stylish gifts for celebrations both happy and sad.

At Incrystals we use the power of advanced digital technology to turn pet photos into 2 or 3D photo objects made from crystal.  What’s more, we have a large range of crystal objects but many people chose our pet photo 3D crystal because they re-create an extremely life like image.

Crytals Make Perfect Pet Photo Gifts

Because these crystals are so unique it can be hard to imagine what they actually look like. So here’s how it works. Think of it as a form of engraving. Photos are scanned and by way of geometric conversion a standard photo gets turned into three dimensions positioned within a crystal. The results are incredibly life like. Just look at the examples on our site.

3D crystals are available in a range of sizes and make great surprise gifts or memorials. If a cat or dog or horse or rabbit  has won at a show, 3D crystals make a creative way to mark the special occasion. An LED base is an optional extra. When light flows through the 3D crystal it shows off the detail remarkably well. An inscription can be included at no extra cost.

Our pet photo gift ideas don’t end there. If you’d prefer a 2D option we have a wide range of crystal photo frames and gifts.