Sweet Memories- Why we love photos of loved ones

There is no denying that we love to look at photos of our loved ones. A picture of our beloved child, kid sister or even our favourite pet can elicit a warm sense of well being and a pleasing sense of nostalgia, and can transport us instantly back to an event in our in past. Perhaps these reasons are why so many of us keep a wall or table full of framed family photographs – it simply feels good to see their smiling faces shining back down at us.

Psychologists have long known that showing individuals – even very young babies or profoundly disabled people – photographs of their family and friends is a fantastic way to make them feel happy with very little effort. This strategy is often used in laboratory settings when studies require their subjects to be in a positive frame of mind.

According to a recent study on the positive emotional affects of self- selected photos, “your own photo album (or Facebook timeline, or Flickr account) might be the best pick-me-up when you’re feeling down.” Marquette University PhD student Kathleen E Hazlett recently presented her work at a Washington, DC conference, and she asserted that “when compared to the standard positive images,” that participants were shown, their own “personal photos induced emotions that were more positive and more robust” than the generic images of happy scenes featuring scenes in which they knew no one.

It is clear that our brains prefer to look at the faces of people who we adore, particularly when they are engaged in activities that they enjoy or are commemorating meaningful life events. When you love a person there is no doubt that you love to see their face and be reminded of their presence.

While it is always pleasing to see images of those that we love, it can be particularly poignant when they are physically separated from us by great distance. Many people in the UK have family and friends living abroad, and a carefully selected photo memento can be the perfect way to bring that subtle smile to their face when they pass the image. In addition to helping us remember those who have moved away, a cherished photo reminder can also commemorate the death of a loved one in a comforting and meaningful way.

While a framed and enlarged photograph set in complementary matting can be a beautiful way to present a cherished memento, there are far more creative ways to preserve the image of a loved one for display. Consider having your favourite nostalgic photo made into 3D Photo Crystal ornament that you can place on a shelf, an end table or on your desk at work.

We know that the images of those that we love make us feel happy, and so do things that we find beautiful. 3D Photo Crystals combine both of these aspects for the ultimate in memorabilia and style – email us today to find out more.

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