Cat Lover

Everybody has that one friend- or maybe several friends- who just LOVE cats.  That friend who is constantly sharing cute cat videos on social media, posting pictures of their cat, and whenever you see them in person, showing you their latest snaps of their cats.  This friend probably has tons of cat paraphernalia- everything under the sun can come in a cat print!  This friend probably also has gads of printed photos of their beloved pets, dotted around the house in frames or pinned to the wall or fridge.  But does this friend have a tangible, beautiful object that both captures their favorite cat’s image and dazzles their house guests?

a very special gift

A perfect, unique gift for your cat-crazed friend is a 3D Converted Crystal photo of their feline friend!  This is truly a unique and special gift, that is a lasting tribute to their much loved friend, that will become a precious memento after their short time on earth.  It will be admired by anyone who sees it- and can be made even more unique and special with an added LED light base to really let their beloved pet’s personality shine.  The 3D crystal comes with a beautiful, satin-lined gift box that gives your thoughtful and special gift a truly special and high-quality touch they are sure to enjoy and remember for ages.

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