Everyone loves their pets, and wants to capture their wonderful personalities and antics.  Of course, getting a pet to sit still or managing to capture those special moments is especially tricky- read on for some spectacular tips for photographing your furry friends!

  • Use natural light: Natural light is the most complimentary light for any kind of photography. Avoid using flash photography with pets, as the sudden bright light can startle or frighten the animal.  If you are unable to go outside with your pet, try to photograph them in a well-lit room by a large window.
  • Focus on the eyes: The eyes are the window to the soul, or so they say! Pets’ eyes can be incredibly expressive, and capturing your pets eyes clearly can be the best way to showcase their unique personality.
  • Use the “Macro” setting: use a long lens or choose the Macro option on your phone or digital camera. This setting allows for incredibly detailed photos of small objects, which will put your pet’s fur, whiskers, and face in amazing focus.  Such details will really capture your pet’s unique look, and macro portraits are the most beautiful way to photograph your beloved pet.
  • Most important- be patient!! Pets are often uncontrollable, excitable, and skittish- capturing a quality photo requires patience and time.

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