: Courtesy of fynesdesigns.com via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Courtesy of fynesdesigns.com via Pinterest

The summer is drawing to an end, and the crisp Fall weather is upon us – it is time for the little ones to head back to school for another year! Preserving these memories is an important part of growing up, and snapping photos of your kids as they don their new uniforms is a time honoured tradition.

The team here at Incrystals love this idea  – on the first day of classes, snap a photo of your little scholar holding a sign that states the first day of their year at school. On the last day of school, do the same with a sign that staes “last day of year BLANK.”

You will be able to see the amount that they have grown, and this will be a true keepsake you will cherish forever. Use these photos to create a unique and meaningful photo keepsake – a 3D photo crystal makes a great memento and/or gift for loved ones.

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