A personalised power bank – the perfect gift

We have all been there – out and about for an entire day only to start feeling that creeping panic as you see your smartphone’s battery level going down, down, down – until it is on its last few bars of power. Say goodbye to your GPS capabilities, your ability to text (and locate) your friends or family and your source of entertainment on the train – not to mention your personal and/ or business phone calls!

Thankfully, a new product has hit the market that is saving many people from this unneeded stress – portable power banks are a brilliant way to stay connected when you are out on the go.

Perfect for charging your smartphone and your tablet, getting your hands on one of these portable power banks just make good sense – keep one in your handbag or rucksack and you will never get caught out again.

As a gift, these power banks are always a huge hit. They strike a cool balance between whimsical and practical, and are all the more special when personalised for the recipient. That’s right – you can use our innovative crystal laser engraving process to add your loved one’s name and whatever photograph you wish to the clear section of the power bank.

Add a picture of their beloved pet, a grandchild, a film actor or even their own face – personalising your power bank gift will make it extra meaningful. Order one today – these are selling fast!

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