We heart summer, too!

Summer is in full swing here in the UK, and with many sunny days ahead it is delightful to snap photos of your friends and family enjoying the beautiful weather. But why is it so hard to capture that great looking shot when the sun is out? It’s all about lighting!

Just as a professional photographer brings their own lighting rigs to a photo shoot, the sun can either be your best asset – or your worst foe. By paying attention to where the sun’s rays are landing, you can prevent washed out, blurry photos and capture your memories in stunning detail. Here are our top three tips to taking great photos in the sun.

1. Avoid side lighting (unless you want a moody look) – For an amateur photographer, this angle can be very tricky indeed, and is best avoided if you are looking for a crisp, clean shot that flatters your subject without any lens flare. Half of their face is sure to be shrouded in shadow, and while an expert can often utilise this lighting for dark and moody portraits, for most of us it will just ruin an otherwise lovely shot.

Backlighting your subject can be beautiful.

2. Make sure the sun is at your back…. – For amateur photographers, this is the safest and easiest way to guaranteed perfect lighting conditions. When the sun is shining down on your back, your subject will be nicely illuminated, creating an evenly lit shot worthy of a frame, a digital engraving or a 3D Photo Crystal.

3. ….Unless you want a different effect! In that case, shoot facing the sun. While this angle can be tricky, if the sun is positioned just right you can often shoot an interesting photo that captures a soft glow around your subject. Rim lighting can be a stunning effect, providing that your subject is brighter and darker than the background behind them. Using an external flash (or adjusting your camera’s metering mode to ‘spot’) can really help you avoid a silhouette effect and instead capture a beautiful portrait in the summer sun.

Do you have any great tips for taking photos in the summer sun? Leave them in the comments section below.

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