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1.What makes 3D photo crystals a popular gift option?

3D photo crystals have gained widespread popularity as gifts due to their unique and stunning appearance. The process of creating these crystals involves digitizing a photo and using a high-precision laser to engrave the image into the surface of a glass crystal block. The laser creates tiny bubbles within the glass, providing depth and dimension to the photo, resulting in a mesmerizing 3D effect. The crystal is then polished to achieve a clear and smooth finish, producing a one-of-a-kind work of art. The combination of the personalization factor and the exceptional quality of the finished product has led to 3D photo crystals becoming a sought-after gift option with a high degree of burstiness. The perplexity of gifting a 3D photo crystal is low, as it is a unique and cherished present that is sure to be appreciated and admired for years to come.

2.How is a 3D photo crystal created?

A photo crystal is produced through a sophisticated procedure referred to as laser engraving. The initial step in the process involves converting the desired photo into a digital format. Following this, a high-precision laser is utilized to engrave the image onto the surface of the glass crystal block. The laser beam creates small bubbles in the glass that provide depth and dimension to the photo, resulting in an eye-catching 3D representation. To complete the process, the crystal block is polished to attain a transparent and polished finish. The final outcome is an exceptional and unique photo crystal that can be treasured and displayed for many years.

3.What kind of images can be used to create a 3D photo crystal?

Any image can be used to create a 3D photo crystal as long as it is of high enough quality and resolution. Popular image choices for photo crystals include:

  • Personal photos of family, friends, or pets.
  • Landscapes or scenic views.
  • Memories from special events like weddings or graduations.
  • Personal logos or symbols.
  • Artistic designs or abstract patterns.
  • It is recommended to use an image with good resolution and clarity for best results in the engraving process.

4.What are the most popular occasions for gifting a 3D photo crystal?

3D photo crystals are a popular gift choice for several occasions including:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Retirement
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • Memorials
  • Christmas or other holidays.

The personalized and sentimental nature of photo crystals makes them an ideal gift for any special occasion where a memorable and lasting keepsake is desired.

5.What size and shapes are available for 3D photo crystals?

3D photo crystals are available in a variety of sizes and shapes including:

  • Rectangle ( The Most Popular one )
  • Cube
  • Heart ( Best Selling )
  • Sphere
  • Pyramid
  • Oval
  • Teardrop
  • Personalized shapes.

Size options typically range from small, pocket-sized crystals to large, display-sized crystals. The size and shape choice will often depend on personal preference and intended use for the photo crystal. Custom sizes and shapes can also be requested in some cases.

6.How does the cost of a 3D photo crystal compare to other types of gifts?

The cost of a 3D photo crystal can vary and may be more expensive compared to other types of gifts, depending on various factors such as the size and complexity of the crystal the number of faces or the type of model, the quality of the laser engraving process, and the material used for the crystal. However, it is important to keep in mind that 3D photo crystals are a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift that can hold sentimental value for the recipient. In comparison to other gifts with a similar level of customization and quality, the cost of a 3D photo crystal may be comparable. Additionally, the perplexity of gifting a 3D photo crystal, due to its unique and stunning appearance, is low, making it a desirable and appreciated present, despite its possible higher cost prices start from £19.99 for a Keyring and go overy £99 for a Larger Crystals.

7.Are there any customisation options for a 3D photo crystal gift?

Yes, there are several customization options for 3D photo crystals including:

  • Size and shape
  • Photo placement and orientation
  • Background color
  • Lighting options
  • Engraved text or messages
  • Presentation boxes or stands
  • Multi-photo collages

These options allow for personalization and customization of the photo crystal gift to create a truly unique and special keepsake. The level of customization will vary depending on the manufacturer or retailer offering the photo crystal service

8.How is the 3D photo crystal packaged for gifting?

3D photo crystals are typically presented in luxurious velvet or satin-lined boxes, eliminating the need for additional packaging when giving as a gift. The smaller keychain and pendant variations come in elegant velvet pouches, making them convenient to carry and gift.

9.What is the typical lead time for ordering a 3D photo crystal gift?

The typical lead time for ordering a 3D photo crystal gift can vary depending on the vendor at incrystals we usually manufacture and despatch the crystals in 2-3 Working days however please note that the complexity of the design could sometimes change the lead times. On average, the lead time can be 2-4 working days from order to delviery . It’s worh noting that some factors that can impact the lead time include the size and intricacy of the design, the volume of orders during Christmas, Valantines day & Mother’s day, and the availability of materials. It is best to check with the vendor for an accurate lead time estimate and to place the order well in advance if it is needed for a special occasion.

10. How best to display your 3D photo crystal ?

  • On a mantelpiece or shelf: Placing the crystal on a mantelpiece or shelf allows it to be displayed in a prominent location and can be easily viewed from different angles.
  • On a desk or table: A 3D photo crystal can add a personal touch to a desk or table and can serve as a conversation starter.
  • In a lighted display case: A lighted display ( LED Base accessory ) case can highlight the intricate details and depth of the crystal, making it a stunning focal point in a room.
  • Hanging from a stand or chain: Hanging the crystal from a stand or chain allows it to be displayed in a different manner and can add a touch of elegance to a room.
  • With complementary items: Displaying the crystal with complementary items such as photos or keepsakes can personalize the display and create a meaningful display.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is important to handle the crystal carefully and to keep it protected from dust and damage.


In conclusion, 3D photo crystals are a popular and unique gift option due to their personalization factor and stunning appearance. The process of creating a 3D photo crystal involves digitizing a photo and laser engraving it onto a glass crystal block to produce a 3D effect. The cost of a 3D photo crystal can vary and may be more expensive compared to other gifts, but its unique and cherished nature makes it a desirable present. The lead time for ordering a 3D photo crystal gift can range from a few days to a few weeks and is dependent on the vendor and complexity of the design. Finally, 3D photo crystals can be displayed in various ways, such as on a mantelpiece or shelf, hanging from a stand or chain, or in a lighted display case, to showcase their beauty and uniqueness.

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