There are some family members that are always hard to find gifts for- you love them, but don’t get to see them often enough and want to get them something meaningful and that they’ll love.  Uncles- what do you get them to show them that you care?

Remind your uncle who his favorite niece is!
  1. A personal photo album: print an album with selected personal photos highlighting your favorite memories together. There are many services online or in stores!
  2. A gift subscription service: Find a subscription box service your uncle will love- there’s everything from fashion to food subscription delivery services! Each month when your uncle receives his box, he’ll have a lovely reminder that you care.
  3. A diamond 3D Photo Crystal: A diamond 3D Photo Crystal will be the centerpiece of your uncle’s home, and he’ll love showing it off to his guests. Choose a favorite image of the two of you to commemorate in crystal!
  4. A smart and cozy scarf: a fantastic scarf can pull together an outfit in the colder months, and also provides much-needed warmth- it’s like a hug from you every time he wears it!
  5. A home-made baked good: nothing expresses your love and caring for someone like a home-made treat. Make your uncle’s favorite sweet treat just for him and place it in a pinterest-worthy tin.  It’s the most thoughtful gift!

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