A stunning portrait taken at dawn.

The summer is finally in full swing, and it is a great time to head out to the seaside, visit a park or go on a holiday to the lake. No matter where you go this summer, make sure you take your camera or iPhone so that you can snap beautiful photos of your family, friends and nature itself.

Here are our top three summer photo tips:

  1. Wake up early and catch the magical dawn light
    Nothing is as ethereal as the dawn hours during the summertime. If you want to take stunning photos with a hint of magic, wake the kids up early and set up a photoshoot in the early morning light.
  2. Try using a flash when taking portraits
    It may seem counterintuitive to use a flash when the light is at its brightest, but the summer sun can create unflattering lines and creases on people’s faces. Use your flash (or even better, a flash gun) and you can smooth out some of the harsh lines and capture a stunning summer portrait. A stunning portrait can then be used for a 3D Photo Crystal, a perfect way to hang on to the summer all year long.
  3. Focus on summer subjects
    Nothing says summer more than swimming, camping, bbq parties and days by the sea. Remember to capture photos of nature at its finest – these images will contextualise your family photo albums.

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