We specialise in personalised gifts and crystals, but what are 3D photo crystals? Some of the our most popular products are 3D photo crystals and though they are becoming increasingly popular and are a truly unique gift to give, many people aren’t entirely sure what they are. So, let us explain.

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3D photo crystals are pieces of crystal that are engraved to show a photograph. For example, you can choose an image of your choice, perhaps one of the children or a candid family shot, and have it engraved into the crystal. The idea is for the photograph to look like it is inside the crystal itself and can be seen from all angles, which is why it is referred to as a 3D photo.

This process is done using an extremely precise laser and can be done in a number of different ways. We have 3D photo crystal cubes, 3D key rings and even photo crystals in the shape of a heart. There are so many different ways a 3D photo crystal can be customised. Pet photos are another popular option.

Order a 3D Photo Crystal

Ordering a 3D photo crystal has never been easier. All you have to do is choose the type of 3D photo crystal you’d like and upload the image you want engraved; it really is that simple!

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