Your baby is only tiny once, and with each passing day your little one will grow more than you thought possible. In order to capture this precious time, most parents elect to hire a photographer that specialises in taking beautiful portraits of newborn babies. But how do you know you have selected the right person for the job?

Here is a list of the most important things to do when selecting the person who is going to be responsible for immortalising your sweet newborn’s face on film.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. While you may want to avoid seeming overly nosy or high maintenance, you should never let these fears stand in your way when it comes to asking questions. What are the photographer’s qualifications? Did they attend photography schooling, and to what level? How much experience do they have with newborn infants?
  • Scrutinise their work. Don’t be afraid to pour over their portfolio – have a look at the babies’ faces: do they seem relaxed and content, or stressed and frightened? Your photographer’s way with newborns will be evident in their results.

  • Find out if they specialise in newborns and children. A wedding or pin up photographer may take absolutely lovely shots when they are in their element, but a bride and groom are very different than a screaming infant. If they are new to this subject matter, you may still elect to hire them, but ensure that the rate you pay reflects this inexperience – and plan for a re-shoot with a seasoned professional if necessary.
  • Meet with them in advance. This one is deceptively simple – but oh so important. Do you like them? Do they seem kind and gentle, yet professional? Do they dote on your baby – or your baby bump? They may have an excellent portfolio, but without a kind manner your experience will be a poor one. Make sure you get along with your photographer and share a similar vision for the finished product.

If you follow these tips and choose the best photographer for you and your family, you are sure to end up with a stunning result perfect for framing, engraving or turning into a 3D Crystal. Good luck!

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